Participants share their thoughts about the Necessary Knowledge and Successful Conflict Conversation/Third Party Resolution Trainings:

“Your presentation was very helpful and well planned, just what we needed at this time.”

“This needs to be required training for supervisors and new hires.”

“Thank you for this information and resources. I will be using them with my coworkers when conflict arises if necessary.”

“Very informative class that I thoroughly enjoyed.”

“Enjoyed the presentation and role play”

“This was just great. you established a very welcoming environment from the start”

“I didn’t know that we had a conflict resolution mediation on campus. I think HR should let employees know about your services if they do not already”

“I found all information to be incredibly helpful”

“If managers do not take this class, I think it could be good for them”

“Training was great. These training are good to help us better understand what to do if we have any conflicts”

“Awesome presentation. All info linked without a lot of unnecessary information added in”

“Your presentation was very helpful and well planned, just what we needed at this time”

“Hopefully we can provide this session for additional staff members”

“The more information the better. I really enjoyed all the stories and activities we did”

“I learned a lot and some of my common practices were reaffirmed”

“Presenter was great and incredible knowledgeable”

 “Everything was perfect and understandable.”

“Everything was helpful and I want more classes like this. Thank you for everything you teach us today.”

“It was all helpful. Great content! Thank you!”

“Great presentation and I appreciate the distribution of presentation vs interactive. Really engaging presentation.”